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Meet or exceed our client's predefined data quality objectives in a timely manner. 

Address all client questions with sound technical support. 

Be a valued resource to assist our clients with their unique project requirements. 

Produce reliable and repeatable data by adhering to good lab practices and methods supported by the EPA, Standard Methods, ASTM and other trusted sources.

Approach everything we do with sound ethics and quality as our top priority.  

To be a part of and give back to our community.




To provide our clients with high-quality data and service in a timely, cost-effective manner, while achieving all project specific goals and data quality objectives.  To provide technical support and be valued as a client resource during all phases of the project.  

Mission Statement



To establish PAL as the laboratory undaunted by challenging projects and to work closely with our clients to find solutions to all inquiries.  To not only be adept at supporting environmental testing needs but also willing to expand beyond perceived boundaries into other emerging markets.  


CEO/Lab Manager/Project Manager - Marycarol Valenzuela 

Ms. Valenzuela has more than 30 years in the environmental testing industry, including 20 years as an analyst that provided her with a strong technical background.  Her passion for industry  started in Pittsburgh, PA in the 70s when EPA was trying to clean-up after the Steel Mills.  "I knew when I was young I wanted to be a part of the solution to clean up the world."  

Ms. Valenzuela has managed large projects such as, CLP, DOD, Stormwater, groundwater and marine to name a few.She is able to answer technical questions and respond to clients quickly and efficiently.  She will go above and beyond to help her clients achieve their project goals. 


The Story of Pittsburgh

Environmental History- PITT (pdf)