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Standard Test Methods

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

SW-846 EPA 8260B

  1. VOCs plus Oxygenates
  2. BTEX and or MTBE
  3. Oxygenates (MTBE, TBA, DIPE, ETBE, TAME, Ethanol

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)

SW-846 EPA 8015B and LUFT

  1. LUFT Gasoline
  2. GRO - Gasoline Range Organics
  3. Luft Diesel
  4. DRO - Diesel Range Organics
  5. ORO- Oil Range Organics
  6. TPH - Carbon Chain C7-C40

Metals EPA 6010B ICP-OES and Mercury by EPA 7470A/7471A

  1. Title 22 Metals
  2. LUFT 5 Metals
  3. RCRA (8) Metals
  4. STLC Extraction 
  5. TCLP  Extraction

Training for Lunch & Learn

  1. Reading Chromatograms
  2. Understanding STLC and TCLP Metals requirements
  3. How to read your analytical Report
  4. How to use all the QC included in your report
  5. Understanding how the GCMS works
  6. How to fill out a Chain-of-Custody
  7. Selecting methods and understanding differences between methods
  8. Information that should be coordinated when starting a new project
  9. Any topic that you need, just ask

Work Experience

LA Metro

PAL has been the lab for LA Metro work since 2015.  We are working on sites to identify contamination.  We provide testing on water and soil for Volatiles, Metals, TPH and more.  We have met our client expectations for this project.


PAL has been working on this San Diego project since 2017.  When this project first started we were providing analysis on 48 hour TAT.  The quick TAT was for  repurposing the soil at other sites.  

Quarterly Groundwater monitoring

PAL works with many clients that monitor groundwater sources.  These projects are quarterly and need consistent reporting and our LIMS allows us to look up historicals to provide the best data to our clients.

Site Investigations

PAL has worked on site investigations that have turned into full remediation.  We provide our clients with quality data and provide chromatograms and pictures when needed.  We have EDDs that will help the client to see trends in contamination at the site.

Department of Water and Power

PAL helps it's client meet diversity goals when working with the public utilities.  We have worked on site all through Los Angeles.  Providing good quality data on time.  


PAL has been providing analysis for waste  disposal samples.  We have recently been chosen to be the lab to support a San Diego project.  More to come once the project starts.